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  • What is Qi Aerista?

    A revolutionary new way to make tea. Easy to brew, customizable and an all-around enjoyable experience.

  • Four simple steps for the perfectly brewed cup

    Step 1

    Add water
    to the pot

    The pot’s transparent body, made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, lets you truly appreciate the beauty of the brew.

    Step 2

    Place tea leaves 
    into the infuser

    The specially-designed infuser allows easy handling, optimal infusion, and tea-water separation to avoid over-infusion.

    Step 3

    Select your
    tea program

    Choose from 6 pre-set programs, each designed to deliver consistent results with specific brewing temperatures and times.

    Step 4

    your senses

    Enjoy a simple, hassle-free and automatic tea brewing experience via our unique patent-pending circulative infusion system.




    Your Tea is ready.

    Savour and enjoy.





  • Want to learn

    more about tea

    with Qi Aerista?










    1. Track the brewing process

    Follow and control the brewing process. Keep track of temperature and time for the best tasting cup of tea.

    2. Customize brewing settings​

    Go beyond the pre-set programs and design your own brewing settings for the tea you like.

    3. Discover more about tea

    Learn about the many tea varieties, including their origins and suggested brewing settings, with our app’s interactive tea library and brewing guide.

    4. Enrich your tea experience

    Complement your brewing process with handy features such as timer reservation and more.

    5. Get advice and support

    Share your tea experience with your smartphone and receive tea-making tips and advice from our tea-experts and the online Qi Aerista community.


    2 MODELS

    Standalone (w/o app) & Connected (with app)


    Green, Oolong, Black, Floral, Milk Tea and Cold-Brewing


    Light, Medium, Strong


    Automatic Brewing, Smart Kettle, Keep Warm

    20-100 DEG C

    Minimum & Maximum Brewing Temperature (68-212 °F)

    1-15 MINUTES

    Minimum & Maximum Brewing Time

    250-750mL (1-3 cups)

    Minimum & Maximum Pot Capacity (8.5-25.4 fl oz)

    1000 WATTS

    Maximum Heating Power

    255mm x 220mm

    Overall Dimensions H x D Including Base (10 x 8.7 in)


    Here's what tea professionals have to say about Qi Aerista!

  • Quotes from World Tea Expo 2016 Visitors, Las Vegas

    "I love this tea, really really!"

    "I am really in love with your machine because it is easy and it’s small and it makes the tea and extracts a really good flavor."

    Sara Shacket – Blogger, Brooklyn, NY

    "This machine made a really nice oolong and it’s like really light and fresh."

    Nicole Schwartz, Blacksburg, VA

    "It’s Chinese oolong. Hmm. It’s just delicious and it actually tastes like it’s from Taiwan. It has an interesting method of immersing the tea leaves and it's very efficient. I like seeing the colour of the tea coming down so you will have an idea of how much it’s steep.​"

    Sarah, Toronto, Canada​

    "It’s the best oolong tea that I’ve had thus far at the convention. It’s amazing!"

    "I like technology and this is fitting the bill. I like the tea to be made correctly, tastes like it should in the traditional fashion but not made traditionally necessary because I don’t always remember what I am supposed to do. I walk away and forget things. This is perfect. So the app feature I love and I love the price point. And the taste of the tea is great. And I am excited about the Kickstarter."

    Rachel Carter - blogger iHeartTeas.com , Chicago, IL

  • FAQ

    What people ask us the most about Qi Aerista

    How does Qi Aerista work?

    Even though there is quite a bit of science and engineering behind how our brewing mechanism, it is relatively simple in construction. Since our design is still patent-pending, we won’t reveal any more technical information about it until we get closer to our actual market introduction.

    How long does it take for the tea to brew?

    The basic tea-brewing process has 2 steps. The water heating step should take about 2-4 minutes, and the tea brewing step will take about 1-4 minutes (depending on the tea type and strength). Milk teas, such as bubble tea and HK-style milk tea, will take longer (6-10 minutes) in order to draw out a more robust flavour, as will cold-brewed tea (4-8 minutes).

    What kind of water should I use?

    We advise using clean drinking water that is safe to drink without boiling. The water should also be low in mineral content to minimize scaling.

    How much tea leaves/water can I add?

    We will provide the recommended ratios of tea leaves to water for different tea types in the user manual. We will also provide the necessary tools (e.g. measuring cup, portioning spoon) to help you measure accurately.

    How do you clean Qi Aerista?

    All parts in contact with water (e.g. infuser and pot) can be removed and rinsed under the tap. For more thorough stain removal, you can soak the components in food-safe cleaning agents such as citric acid.

    How do I make milk tea with Qi Aerista? Can I add milk directly?

    We recommend using Qi Aerista to make the base tea, then mix with milk and other ingredients in an external container (e.g. cup, jar, shaker). We don't recommend directly adding milk inside Qi Aerista.


    With our innovative ideas and passion for tea, our goal is to help tea lovers

    around the world findand enjoy their perfectly brewed cup.

    Rick Ha, PhD


    Karen Wan

    Tea Enthusiast

    Nicolas Roux


    Joe Rao

    Globe Trotter

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